Beckham - One Week

Yesterday marked Beckham's one week birthday! It is crazy how fast time can fly! I will say that the first several days went by slowly, allowing us to soak up our new snuggle bug :)

Yesterday I shared the story of how Beckham made his entrance into the world. Well after the long day (and into the next morning) of getting him here, we spent the next day - Monday - trying to get to know our newest baby and get some rest. We didn't end up moving into our recovery room until almost 5 am! We probably could have moved sooner but right after I delivered I had another drop in blood pressure - 86/50-something. I could just not get it together! Once we moved I got about 45 minutes of sleep to start the day, between getting my vitals and body checked, having Beckham's vitals checked, and breastfeeding. So that first day was  a little rough but it was also nice because we were able to just hang out together and lay around. We did have Parker come visit his new brother and he was so excited to meet him! I know what a toddler looks like when they fall in love :)

Likes: sleeping, being swaddled, being held, looking at Parker

Dislikes: having gas, getting his diaper changed, being woke up, and getting strapped into his carseat

What's New in the Last Week: He was born!

after his bath, getting his hair combed

morning snoozes

daddy & his boys

warm & snuggly

his first car ride - going home

Parker loves his brother!

morning cuddles

baby blues

early morning

after his first bath at home

He is such a little peanut!

Our family ♥

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