38 (and a half) Weeks

I am a little over 38 weeks now...officially due next Saturday! However I know that he may or may not be here before then or even after. And we will not discuss how I feel about him not being here before then. I have felt like he would come a little early but those days are ticking away! I was really nervous to make it to the end of the school year, especially in the last two weeks of school because I was so busy and active. But alas, here we are!

Last Thursday was my last day with my students and then Friday was the last official day of school. I got my room all cleaned up and packed up a small amount of things to being home with me for my year off. It is still so weird to think that I will not be going back to school in the fall. I know that once school starts up again I will be so glad I am taking the year off but it just feels weird. I know it will also probably fly by so I am prepared to enjoy it while it lasts! Parker is at such a fun age that I know we will love being home together!

I feel like Baby B has dropped and there have definitely been plenty of contractions, but nothing consistent. Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment and I am still just dilated to 1 cm. I am scheduled to go in again on Thursday so we shall see then!

With school being out I have rested up plenty this past weekend and so far this week so I don't really have any complaints about being pregnant other than not feeling like I have anymore room to give! I will be so glad to be able to sit cross-legged on the floor, run around or use stairs without being winded, pull the wagon, etc. after this baby gets here.  Being 9 months pregnant is for the birds! :)

Parker tried to help push him out this afternoon and then said "nope. He says he's not ready. Few more days mommy." I sure hope only a few more!

And of course, just for fun! Here is this time vs. past time. Clearly I am a side part kind of girl with my hair!

Maybe my next post will be to introduce our new baby ;)

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