Maternity Pictures

Last weekend, a family friend offered to take some family pictures for us because she is trying photography out so I said sure!

We took pictures at 9 am but it was already pretty hot! It was definitely hard to have a good hair day with the humidity and sweaty neck. I also wasn't too fond of my outfit afterwards...of course the vision in your head is always better than reality! I did sew my dress the night before and I wish I would I have made it more shapely in the waist. Parker was really good and didn't get too squirrely.

Last night Parker stayed the night at Jennifer's so this morning I thought I'd go to the Avon Town Hall park and take a few more pictures. The weather was a lot cooler and I brought my tripod and remote and found a really cool field. Then I went over to the barn that is by the ultimate frisbee course.

I've been wanting to improve my editing skills so I tried a few things for these pictures and I really like how they turned out! The one thing that was hard to do was getting myself where I wanted in the frame but that's ok. 

I only got one bug bite too! I was hoping taking some pictures and wanting to get them uploaded and edited would jinx me and send me into labor, but alas. Here I am 4 days away from my due date. Guess we'll keep waiting!

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