49 Weeks

Likes: cheese & fruit, climbing things, flushing the toilet, unrolling the toilet paper

Dislikes: being sick

What's New in the Last Week: other than his new discoveries in the bathroom...not a whole lot. He almost stood up by himself this morning!

We're so happy to be on spring break!! except little mister caught momma's cold this weekend and is feeling pretty miserable. He has the runniest nose and his cough sounds like a seal barking. His appetite has been low but he definitely still wants to play! I hope he feels better soon! We have a big trip to visit grandma and grandpa in California on Monday!!

sick snuggles with daddy

he was up on top of this toy bin before i could snap a pic

he has started to just lay down...it is so silly

He figured out how to get snacks from his snack trap...

and Zoe figured out how to wait for them to fall out.

he loves books

relaxing in the wagon

my little sick boy

always climbing

little troublemaker

sitting in the wagon, watching Mickey with dad

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