Baby Shower with Family!

Today I had my second baby shower! This time it was with my family and Clint's family (and a few family friends too!). I had a great time seeing family that we don't get to see often and I always love when Clint's family and my family can get together :) All together we had about 35 people there!

First we had some delicious snacks and cake/cupcakes!

Fox in Socks theme!

 We played a quick game about both of our birth stats.

Everyone had a minute to check out the poster and then remember them for a quiz! 

Then we started with gifts :)


My stepmom put on the invitations to bring a book instead of a card, so we received LOTS of books :)

Mrs. Reed's Star cute!

Lots of cute owl things!

Also lots of cute Dr. Seuss items!

Many silly photos!
 My dad was the paparazzi for the party so of course I had to give him lots of great photos :)

A couple of my uncles and my dad brought everything across the street to my house so I didn't have to! Bonus!!

Just a rundown on the many gifts we received: a jumperoo, highchair, activity mat, lots of toys, lots of clothes, lots of books, bath time gear, diapers, wipes, wipe warmer, Boppy, car seat protector, lots of socks, tons of bibs, couple gift cards, giraffe mat, burp rags, a couple blankets, and some cash for the baby bank!

We received so many great presents and are very appreciative of everyone!! I can't wait for little baby to use all his wonderful gifts!! just get everything washed and put away! Good thing my maternity leave starts in 4 weeks!

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