Baby Shower at School

A diaper cake!
 Today was the finale in a three day marathon of baby shower goodness! My first grade team hosted a baby shower at school with delicious treats and wonderful gifts!

Goofy poses of course!

Lots of great gifts!
Diane even made a surprise appearance (there in the background). She was on my team when I first started teaching; she retired two years ago. We all called her our mother hen :) All her chicks will have babies now!

Even though it's can still see the most awesome team ever! 

I forgot to take pictures of the cute cupcakes...they were orange and turquoise frosted and delicious!! They also made yummy sherbert punch!

I already have a list of the last few essentials that I think we need before Baby Reed gets here. I have both my registry coupons ready too! All that's missing now is the baby :)

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