In the Single Digits!

First - a quick note...if you read this on a mobile device the pictures are blurry because everything is resized...if you go to the bottom of my blog and click on view web version, everything will look normal!

I am now 31 weeks which means 9 more weeks to go! Well - obviously that's the goal but I know it can be longer or shorter...we'll just have to see.

Sleep:  It is getting a little harder to sleep some nights. One reason is that the baby loves to move around a lot at night and the other is that sometimes I just can't get comfortable. I'm not quite uncomfortable, just not comfortable.
Body Changes: Another day, bigger belly!

Food: I feel like the last week or two have been hard to eat more than I would if I weren't pregnant. I feel really hungry between meals if I don't have a small snack but I get full so fast! One of the worst things about being pregnant is when you are too full! It hurts too bad for me to overeat!

Symptoms: Two things I have noticed lately...I'm getting out of breath more often and I am feeling more tired again. I'm not as tired as I was at the beginning but I am sleepier earlier and I need to take a nap on the weekends.

Movement: So much movement! Not all of them are so sweet anymore! Sometimes it feels like he has his butt or feet pressed up to my belly and he is just pushing for fun!

Things We Bought/Did: We took all the tags off of the clothes we have and we sorted them into piles to wash...but they are still sitting there for now. I bought a super cute swim diaper off Amazon that came today.

However, when I ordered it, I chose the 3 month came today and says newborn in capitals. Then below that it says 3 months 6-10 pounds. Seriously? No 3 month old is 10 pounds or less! So I am exchanging it for the "6 month" size. Hopefully it will fit something bigger than a Ken Doll.  We also ordered a black backpack for Clint to use as a diaper bag. Hopefully we get that soon too!

I have three baby showers, all in a row, coming up I'm getting excited for those fun parties!

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