Beckham - 12 Weeks

My little bunny is 12 weeks old today! Today he weighed 12 lb 9 oz and ate 7 ounces!! What?!?  Whenever I go line dancing or even on Saturday when Clint and I went to a wedding, I have been leaving 4 ounce bottles for him. Everyone that has fed him a bottle seems to think he's fine though! Hardly any spit up and not fussing so I think he's ok. I may up it to 5 oz. bottles though. I will probably do another weight check on Wednesday just to see. I just can't believe he can eat that much, especially when I only feed him for 10 minutes or less. Otherwise he spits up so much. He gets mad at me though when I don't let him eat for too long. Sorry dude. I don't want to change both of our clothes every time you eat!

Likes: being talked to, being sat up, chewing his hands until they're soggy, chewing on anything really, drooling, spitting up elevntymillion times a day

Dislikes: being laid down before he gets swaddled (once you get him wrapped up, he calms down and is like "aaaahhhh")

What's New in the Last Week: He is definitely realizing that there are things for him to grab! When he is under his jungle gym, he looks at the things hanging and wants to grab them so bad! He still hasn't laughed but I am so sure it will be soon! He grins so big and sighs like that laugh is right there but won't come out!

He realized he had hair back there! I loved when Parker did this :) 

He started in the middle of the he wiggled to the end, I have no idea!

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