Beckham - Three Months

Three months old already! He is just getting so big so fast!

Measurements: Yesterday Beckham weighed 13 pounds 14 ounces. I measured him just now as he was napping and he is (approx.) 25 inches long! Yesterday I packed up all his 0-3 month sized clothes and unpacked all the 3-6 month sized clothes and they fit almost perfectly. A few things I've pulled out look a little big but at his rate, they'll fit fine soon! Most of Parker's old clothes are doing ok season wise, especially if he grows this quickly for a while! Parker grew slower, so Beckham may catch up to where Parker was season-wise. It was funny packing up the 0-3 months clothes because he didn't wear sleepers almost at all this summer since it has been so hot...not to mention that he us a little heater! He has pretty much only worn a onesie since he was born. 

Milestones: He started smiling this month and he got in his first giggle! He also rolled over from his belly to his back a few times. I am glad we are getting into some new stages! I love when they get more mobile! He also has started to try to sit up when he is propped up. It's like he's doing little baby crunches! 

He is also babbling quite a bit! I just love his little chattering!

Schedule: His schedule hasn't really changed since his two month update. He wakes up around 7:30 and I feed him. He is usually only awake about an hour and a half and then goes back down for a short 30-45 minute nap. He eats again at 10:30 and then naps around noon. He eats around 1:30 and naps about 3. He east again around 4:30 and naps during our dinner time, around 5:30. I feed him again around 7:30 and he goes to bed. He usually wakes up between 1 and 2:30 and when I'm lucky he sleeps til 7:30 but still most times he wakes up about 4:30. Occasionally he skips the late morning feed even if he stirs a little bit. 

He is really good at going to sleep on his own. I always lay him down awake; at naps he usually needs a pacifier to fall asleep but at night time he hardly ever needs it. I still swaddle him for naps and bedtime. I hope he still does this well once he is out of the swaddle!

His naps in his crib have gotten longer too. When I first started putting him in his crib for naps he only napped about 30 minutes. Now he naps 40, 45 minutes and sometimes longer. He usually needs one nap in his swing or rock and play after I get him out of his crib since he can't sleep that long in it. 

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