Moving Things Around

Clint's parents got a new couch so they decided to give us their sectional. We have been wanting a new couch for a while (since Zoe decided to eat bits and pieces of ours). Well we went and got it today. It was SO heavy!! Even though it was three parts! 


 So we moved our current furniture upstairs into the office area. Now it isn't so plain and empty. It also offers more space when we have people over.

We aren't so happy though with the new couch :( The setup just doesn't fit the size/shape of our family room. It also makes the room way too light colored for me! So we are debating what to do. I am looking online for a slipcover for now and this is the layout we have for now. It took us about an hour and a half to figure something out!

**I wrote this on Sunday but was having issues with uploading pictures on my tablet, so we've had a couple days to adjust now. I still don't like it a whole lot but it's ok. We are definitely painting the family room soon though!

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