Spring Pictures

Right after Parker turned two we had some new family pictures taken. We used Nikki Rae Photography (Facebook & Website) and we were really happy! 

We went to Anderson Apple Orchard in Mooresville and we found a spot at the back near a pond. Now that we've been there in the spring I kind of wished we had waited until the fall because there wasn't really any pretty spring blossoms or anything and I can just picture the trees in lots of nice colors! I will just remember this for our next photo session.

So many good pictures to choose from! Is it ok to print all of them and hang them in every room?? 

Obviously I have to show a few that crack me up:

He was smelling the flowers but right as she snapped the photo he started to sneeze!


Typical Us

This was meant to be a sweet picture but has AWKWARD written all over it! We don't do sweet...lol

another very awkward pose with the arms although it's very cute how Parker is holding on to Clint's arm
Definitely some great pictures and I would love to use Nikki again!

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  1. I like all of them. And dose look like a great spot for a fall photo shoot.