Beckham - 17 Weeks

This happy baby boy is 17 weeks old now! He will officially be a 4 month old tomorrow! Last Wednesday at his dr. appointment he weighed 14 pounds 12 ounces and measured 25 inches long. His weight comes in just under the 50% tile (which means just over 50% of babies are bigger than him at this age) which is surprising to me! I feel like he is so chunky but apparently 50% of babies are chunkier! His height is just over the 50th percentile. That is also a little strange because a  lot of his 3-6 month clothes are getting tight lengthwise. How do the longer babies fit in their clothes?!

Likes  - playing with toys, chewing everything, being tickled, sitting up

Dislikes - being tired, dinner time

What's New in the Last Week - His skin is pretty similar to Parker's in that he is very dry and splotchy, except that is has been getting worse. So I moved up his 4 month appointment to last week. The Dr. said to use hydrocortisone for a bit to calm it down and then just plain lotion. It seemed to help quite a bit but it flares up too and looks so bad. He's been a little more fussy lately so I don't know if that's why. I can imagine so.

He also has slept like crap this last week. He was usually waking 2 times a night, occasionally 1. This last week he has woken 3-4 times. Sometimes just to screech and cry. Hopefully this gets back on track soon! Especially since we leave for California on Saturday!

He has also definitely entered the phase of wanting to hold or play things. He is no longer amused by just being talked to! Ha!

Apparently I didn't take many pictures in the last week! Although I did take several last weekend when we went camping but I was going to post those separately. 

Happy Wednesday!

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