Beckham - Four Months

Beckham is four months old today! He has definitely entered the regular baby longer a newborn. 

Parker was helping me to try to get Beckham to smile :)

Beckham was more interested in getting the giraffe!

Measurements: I updated about this yesterday, but I'll add it here real quick too. He weighed 14lb 12oz last Wednesday, so I would bet that he is a solid 15 pounds now! That is about one pound up from last month. He was 25 inches long which is the same as at 3 months. So in this past month he hasn't grown much which I definitely had noticed since he grew so much the first 2-3 months. He is still in a size 2 diaper but as soon as this pack runs out, I am switching up to size 3. Leaks are no fun, especially when they are of the number 2 variety!

Milestones: Last month he was able to roll over just barely, and now he does it much more regularly. He would rather inch around though when he's on his belly. I will start him facing one way and in the middle of the blanket. Then several minutes later he is off the edge of the blanket facing almost the opposite direction. 

He discovered his feet the other day and this morning wouldn't let go because he realized he could grab them finally! I love this discovery except now he has a hard time napping because all he wants to do is play with his toes!

In the last week or so he has been trying so hard to roll onto his belly! He can turn his head and arms over so far but he can flip his hips yet! And I'm sure once he does, he will realize that he doesn't want on his belly! 

He is getting closer to being able to sit up; I hope it's in the next month! He's just too heavy :) but he tries so hard!

His grip and eye coordination are improving a lot too. He can get his toys and pacifier to his mouth really well and then he can really work up a good slobbery mess. He loves to chew!

Schedule: His schedule is again almost the same as last month's. Except he has hit the 4 month sleep regression bad. The last two weeks he has been up mostly 3 times a night and usually he has one time where he wakes up and is just upset and screams or cries. He has been a little fussier at dinner time too, so I'm wondering if he just needs an extra feed in the evening to stock up for the night. I may try that tomorrow. He keeps busting out of his swaddle too which isn't really too terrible because if he can roll over, he can't be swaddled anyways. Just when I thought he would start sleeping through the night, he went the other way. Hopefully he'll get over this hump and sleep better soon. 

Parker loves to take pictures around the house when he finds the camera and he took these cute shots today :)

In other news, we leave for California Saturday morning and we're excited! Parker can't wait to go and I know my mom and stepdad are excited to see the kids! Hopefully the plane ride goes smooth!

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