Zoe's New Workout Plan

So a few months back mom decided she wanted to get rid of her treadmill. I had a membership to a gym but wasn't getting there very often with my younger sister and workout partner moving away, so I asked if I could have it. Well it sat in the garage for almost 2 months because we had no real space for it upstairs. Well we finally rearranged everything with the purchase of 2 new desks and made room for it in an extra bedroom.

After setting it all up, I decided to see how it worked. As soon as you turn it on it makes this loud beeping noise. Zoe went crazy with that noise! Then she started attacking the treadmill! Watch for yourselves.

Moral to the story: Dogs don't want to exercise at home. They want to go for a walk.


  1. It was fun making it, and even more fun that every time we watch the video and Zoe hears the beeping she loses her shit. Ahahaha. Dumb dogs!

  2. run, Zoe, run! She's such a doofus!