I have never ordered shoes online because I am afraid they won't fit but I took the plunge today! I ordered a new pair of cool boots (or boops as my sister and I say)! I went shopping yesterday and today to find some and found one cute pair at Target but they didn't have my size and I found a cute pair at JCPenny but they were too expensive. So I went to Amazon and found this cute pair:

I hope they get here soon and I hope they fit!


  1. has good shoes (even boops!) and they have free shipping and returns so I usually use them for shoes. I just read the reviews extensively to make sure they're going to reasonably fit (but I also have hard to fit feet!). These look super cute! They'll be great with tights/leggings and a dress or skirt. Probably would be great with some SKINNY JEANS!

  2. I love these - hope they fit well. I bought shoes at and they pay for returns, too, so it's not too bad.