A couple months ago my digital camera finally went kapoot! For a while it was barely getting by. The lens kept jamming and wouldn't extend all the way. I had asked for Target giftcards for my birthday and was saving up to get a new camera. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted at the time but knew I wanted a really good camera. The days of a cheap camera were over! I sort of wanted a DSLR camera but wasn't sure if I wanted something that big or heavy duty because obviously I'm not a professional or taking large amounts of pictures. Well, Nikon just came out with a new compact camera that fits my wants! I found it right before Thanksgiving and kept waiting for it to goon a good sale. I had my fingers crossed for Black Friday but it never went on much of a sale. Finally, over break we decided to just go for it and I love it!!

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  1. I can't wait to see some pictures taken with the new camera!