We went to New Orleans last night...

Ok we actually didn't go there. Last night Lindsay and Ange came over to hang out and we decided to go out to eat together. Lindsay likes to think that I ONLY like American chain restaurants but I don't. I like them but that is not all I like or even want. Anywhoodles. Over winter break Lindsay, Hilary, Scotty, and I were driving around Camby and Mooresville looking for a recycling place. Well, we didn't find one. We did pass by a restaurant in downtown Mooresville that I had never seen (probably because I stay away from Mooresville for the most part). Well, I have been wanting to go back there to eat. I like little restaurants that are not too funky (like Ethiopian or Korean, etc.). If they have chicken or hamburgers I will be fine. I like tons of other things but I can survive if they have those two items which most do, in some form.

So we decided to venture out last night. I notified the party of my disclaimer! I don't know what this place is or if it will satisfy us! But let's go!!

So we drive through Mooresville accidentally (because it took like 20 seconds). We then turn around and go back by the restaurant and we see a sign for Zydecos! I noticed that it is cajun/creole. Lindsay again assumes that I don't know what it is but I do! Just to make sure, I asked if it is mostly spicy like foods...like the food we ate in Jamaica. I know it isn't the same but similar.

So we venture in and realize that we just walked into New Orleans on Mardi Gras! The place was hopping...live band and all! Beads everywhere!! The lady greets us and asks if we have a reservation and I said no, we've never been here before. So she leads us back away from the music. There are some empty tables but she tells us that they are reserved for a little bit later. She also tells us that she has had reservations for this night from a year ago! Well, she decides to seat us anyways! Woo hoo! She takes us upstairs...which is actually up two floors! This building is ancient! We get a little table at the back where there is another live band (well, 2 people). We are all in shock because we don't feel like we know where we are! Overall, the food was great and the atmosphere was fun! You can check out Lindsay's version of the night here.

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