My Favorite Stores

Here are a few of my favorite stores to shop!!!

Target is my favorite store of all! I have always loved going here and now Lindsay and I make it a habit to go here together often. A lot of times we just go here to look or wander around but I usually can find something I want!!
Dollar Tree is awesome! It is a great place for a lot of things for school. I find things to put in my classroom store all the time as well as holiday or crafty things. All for $1!!

Half Price Book is a great bookstore! Books here are so cheap! I also get a 20% discount because I am a teacher. The only bad part is that you can never go looking for a specific thing. They may have it if it is your lucky day but don't go set on it or you will likely be disappointed.

Barnes and Noble is also a great bookstore. They also offer a 20% discount for teachers, which you will need since everything is full price! They do have a good selection though.

United Art & Education is the best teacher store around Indy. The store in Avon is good too but it is really small and has a limited supply. United has a huge selection of things and I never leave without getting something!

Wal-Mart. Now this one is on the list but yet I don't love it. I hate so many things about Wal-Mart but I included it because I go there so much and always find random things I need. It is a superstore so of course it as everything. I don't like that it is anti-union (especially when I am getting Clint's pain meds right after major surgery and they won't accept our insurance because he is a union worker!). Some of the nastiest people shop there, hence the creation of PeopleofWalmart. It is a love-hate relationship.

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  1. Good one. Besides the teacher store I completely concur with your choices. Esp. Walmart. Bleck.