This semester my college program decided to split our two classes into 8 weeks so we could focus on one class at a time. It was realy nice only working on one for once and now that my first class has ended it's nice to take a breather.

Oh. Wait. My second class started a week ago. That is, a week early. Oh. I have three journals that were due today (at 2 pages each). Oops. I got one done! Guess I'll finish that tomorrow.

Oh yeah. I had 36 messages to read in the Oncourse email. Make that 37 now. There are also over 60 forum messages. Are you feeling stressed yet? Because I am!

I forgot to tell you what the course is! Action Research! Blech. Lindsay?? Are you there??


  1. Plus, really, you're smart so you're fine! and action research is pretty much what you do every day in your classroom already, so you'll be extra fine.