Movies I Want to See (not in any order):

 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Duh! Why would I read all the books and see all the movies to not watch the finale??
 Limitless - I am already a Bradley Cooper fan and I think this looks really good. It also got good reviews!
The Lincoln Lawyer - This did not get great reviews but I think it looks decent. I also usually like Matthew McConaughey movies.

Transformers 3 - When the first Transformers movie came out I thought it looked dumb. I still thought that when the 2nd one came out. Well, one night it was on tv and I started watching it and I realized that I really liked these movies! Now I want to see the 3rd, even though Megan Fox is not in it :(

X-Men: First Class - I love all the X-Mens and Wolverine movies, so of course I want to see this. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a lot of the characters that are in the first trilogy so we'll see how it is.

Black Swan - This has been given a lot of awards and almost everyone I know that has seen it has liked it. It looks a little weird/scary but I still want to see it sometime.

Faster - It may be cheesy, but I love The Rock...um, I mean Dwayne Johnson. I am glad to see that he is back as an ass kicker instead of the tooth fairy.

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