Famous People A to Z

The first celebrity that I can think of for each letter:
A: Avril Lavigne
B: Boy George
C: Christina Aguilera
D: David Beckham
E: Edward Norton
F: Frank Sinatra
G: Gwyneth Paltrow
H: (Prince) Harry - I don't even know their last names!
I: Ichiro Suzuki
J: Jessica Simpson
K: Katherine Heigel
L: Luke Bryan
M: Michael Jackson
N: Nate Dogg
O: Otis Redding
P: Prince
Q: Queen Latifah
R: Rachel McAdams
S: Sylvestor Stallone
T: Tina Turner
U: Uma Thurman
V: Venus Williams
W: Will.I.AM
X: Xizbit
Y: Yao Ming
Z: Zac Efron

Ok...I had to google a few for ideas (Q, U, and X)

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