3/4 of an Inch

When Hilary and I were little we used to make up silly games all the time. One summer we decided to act like we had our own show. When we were young, mom was always sewing. So for our show, we decided to act like we measured everything. The name of our show was "The 3/4 of an Inch Show" (and you say three quarters of an inch, not three fourths!). So we carried our measuring tapes all over the house talking to our imaginary camera crew, talking about 3/4 of an inch. We never acted like we were sewing or anything, just measuring!

Hilary and I were quite imaginative while Lindsay just stared and sighed at us!

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  1. Such a funny show! I think we need to find the Talk Boy tape and get it transferred to digital copies. That would be too hilarious for words.