Panic at the Disco

Due to popular demand, I am going to tell you about a few panic attacks that I have had in the last few years (well, the only panic attacks I've had actually).

When I was a sophomore at IU in Bloomington, I lived with a friend that I had went to school with since early elementary school. We had decided this living arrangement our senior year in high school when we had a radio show together on our high school station. Matt was the best roommate. He was super clean, very easy to get along with, and generally didn't cause any trouble. He is finding out tomorrow where he will get a job as a doctor. So he is also a smart pants!

Well, my soph. year at IU I had to get my wisdom teeth out. I like to know what I am going into and what things to expect. So I took to Google to search about wisdom teeth removal. Clint had his removed our senior year of high school and had ended up with dry socket. Well, I needed to know what that was in case I got it or could prevent getting it. I started reading all about it and I guess subconsciously I got freaked out about the description because all of a sudden I got dizzy and started dripping sweat! I went to my bathroom at our apartment (which was the room with the bathroom inside the room - because Matt was nice like that). I started to take off my clothes because like I said - I was dripping! Drenched in sweat, I layed on the cold floor trying to figure out what was up! I was tempted to go get Matt because I was kinda freaking out but a. I was half-naked and b. I thought I was being ridiculous. Well, eventually the sweats turned into cold shivers and then I was fine. I went back to my normal life like nothing happened.
The next year I was watching an episode of ER that was particular gross. Now, I was always a HUGE ER fan and was not new to graphic stuff. I mean I watched the show for years! This particular episode showed a mass being removed and it just really grossed me out! But again, it didn't make me feel sick. I think my subconscious got freaked out and made me all sweaty and dizzy again. Now I was really like WTH??

I had my third panic attack when Clint and I visited Jen in the hospital after she had Kyrah. I tried to get everyone to leave me alone, that I just wanted to sit down. But of course, when someone asks to be left alone, they all swarm! I knew what was going on, but Clint didn't really. He had never been around me like that, even though he had heard me tell the previous stories.

The second year Clint and I were married he tore his bicep tendon lifting weights. He had to have surgery to repair it. I took him to the hospital and waited. Then when I went to meet him in the recovery room, he looked miserable! They didn't give him the anesthesia block that they were supposed to so he was in a lot of pain. The spot where he had surgery was also a big nasty. So again, I had a mild panic attack. By this time though, I knew what was going on! Clint noticed and we both told the nurse, don't worry about me! I'll be fine in a few minutes and I was. Worry about the guy with a giant cut in his armpit! Sheesh!

So! The moral of the story is that I am not too good with medical issues. It doesn't really seem to bother me that much but it must hit something subconsciously because it is an automatic reaction! I swear these things don't really freak me out!

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  1. Hahaha. I love these stories. Can't wait to see how you hold up when preggos! I hope you aren't falling over left & right! But! If you better blog about it!