So to check the status of my 100 days of blogging...I am behind a few. I obviously couldn't keep up with the 100 days in a row! I am still trying to have 100 blogs in 100 days (which means some days of double blogging!!). I have started to run out of blog posts though. I have a list of blogs I could write but when I see the topics written down or an idea, I just "save it for later" which has not come yet. Does anyone have any suggestions about topics??? I need some creative juices flowing! Maybe if I go to bed early I will think of something!


  1. How about...

    Favorite games?
    Favorite books?
    Things that annoy you?
    Panic attacks?
    Hockey games?
    Sleepovers at Gram's?
    More silly poems?

    Just off the top of my head.

  2. panic attacks. I vote for that one.