If you dont watch Survivor then you wont care about this quick post. I however despise Russell and I could not believe tonights episode! The main reason I have never really liked him is because he is so arrogant! Tonight for example he thought he had the firefighter lady in his pocket. Little does Russell know but other people know how to be sneaky or deceitful! Tribal council was hilarious. Stephanie is the most annoying person on Survivor right now. She is so far up Russells butt that it is unbelievable! I cant wait for her to go next!
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  1. that''s exactly what I thought! I love how smirky everyone was -- Russell thought he had fixed it all but she was the one who was the real sneaky person! week's she's going to say, "oh, we knew he'd try to get someone on his side, so I pretended to listen..." or something like that. I hate that he said, "let's get the old lady" -- he's so awful! and Stephanie is an IDIOT!

  2. Boo!!! That was stinky. Old lady Geico caveman is ugly and I hope Russell comes back and kills her.