Step Class

Emily and I have been going to step class together for several months now. I remember the first day I went I thought "What the hell is going on??" It was really hard that first time and everytime the teacher asks if there are people new to step, I think "oh poor them!" They usually are lost and leave early mostly because they didn't come with a friend. Luckily I came with Emily and she kept encouraging me. Its hard to learn all the steps at first but now I really love going! It is a really good workout and I love how it is kind of like dancing and that it is fast paced! The only bad part is that it is at 8:30 on Saturday morning. At least I don't waste my Saturday mornings!


  1. We are both total pros...except for the fact that I almost passed out today!!

  2. Good thing you know Emily because you know I can't do step to save my life! Although I did kick your butt on Just Dance tonight!