Top 5

The five most important things on my bathroom counter:

Toothbrush - This one is obvious! But let me note that although I talk a lot, I actually have a small mouth. Most adult toothbrushes are too big for my little cute grin!

Hair Dryer - I am in need of a new one of these. I used to have one that the cord retracted into. Now that I get ready at the gym several days a week, this would come in handy! Not too mention that the cover for the fan thingy keeps falling off.

Jewelry Box - I kind of cheated with this one because it holds many things. I have to wear a necklace almost every day or I feel weird. I also don't like sleeping with my watch or ring on so I put them in my jewelry box for safe keeping. It is also very cute - it came from Mexico (from Lindsay).

 Straightener/Curling Iron - I put both because I usually use one or the other. Some days I just straighten, other days I curl the ends. Whatever mood I am in!

Brush - I prefer a rectangle brush with hard bristles. I don't like round brushes or the ones with softer bristles.

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  1. All very important. I keep my jewelry in my room so I wouldn't have that on my list. I would have to expand to 10 things. Because I have contacts & deo & perfume are very important too. And hair product. All very important.