I have worked several places as I grew up; not as many as other people I know, but a few. I have babysat a few times but I won't include those here.

My first real job was as a sales associate at Fashion Bug in Plainfield. Lindsay worked here when she was in high school and kind of left it to me when she went to college. It wasn't too bad except when you had to clean up fitting rooms that were left a disaster. also sucked cleaning fitting rooms after smelly people. Yuck! I worked here for three years.

 Once I went to IU, I had to get a new job. I needed a job I could walk to since I had no car. I also didn't want to work a lot of hours right away. So, I found Sunflower Cooperative Daycare through IU's work study program. I loved working here!! The only bad thing was the pay...minimum wage :( The kids were from all over the world, literally! Turkey, Equador, China...I can't remember all the places right now. The children were almost all children of professors or phd students. I worked at Sunflower for a year.

After leaving Sunflower, I found a job at Cracker Barrel being a hostess. When I transferred to IUPUI, I also transferred to the Plainfield CB but left the hostessing days behind. I was now an awesome server! I worked here for almost 5 (long) years. If I didn't have to work with dramatic people or do crappy sidework, I would do it over the summer because it was actually kind of fun.

My first real teaching job was at D.I.L.C. (Decatur Intermediate Learning Center). I taught 6th grade language arts and social studies for the first semester. The school was really nice and I liked the principal a lot...I just didn't enjoy 6th grade much!

I have moved on to greener pastures! Now I work at Chapel Glen and I love it! This is my third year here and I love the girls I work with as well as my administration (super helpful!!! which is somewhat rare).

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