Book Club

Last summer I was a slug. Complete slug. I only read a few books during the whole summer which is not normal for me. I hardly read at all during the school year because I stay pretty busy. Being in college the last year really made less time for reading as well. I did get to read two books in the last two weeks...just read in bead instead of watching tv or going to sleep early!

Lindsay and I were talking about ways to "hang out" when she moves and we decided to make a book club! Yes we are dorks, I know. She reads books that are far from my taste usually. We did pick out two books the other day at HPB to read this summer. I have lots of other plans for the summer so that I don't completely morph into a slug but reading is definitely on the list! If you want to join our book club, let us know!

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  1. Yay for book club! I love your invitation. Cause so many people will want to join. Ahahaha.