Spring Break on the Horizon!

There are only two weeks before spring break starts!! I am excited because that means spring weather and only eight weeks left of school!! Usually this means rest and relaxation! Not this year! This year during spring break I will be busy working on little things around the house: painting, carpet cleaning, more painting, decluttering, and even more painting. While I am not excited to do painting or cleaning, it does mean that we will  be closer to moving!

We recently looked at the house next door to my dad and step-mom. Usually when people say they live next door to their parents, I think yeesh! No Way! If you have met my dad and step-mom though, you would see how it won't be that bad. They are hermits to the extreme (especially my dad). In the four years that Clint and I have lived in Camby, my dad has probably come over less than 10 times. If we live next door, I don't really imagine them over that often. Seems weird but they love to keep to themselves. 

It will be nice to live next door because of potential dog sitting situations. Zoe doesn't have to spend all our money at doggie daycare and she gets to stay at her own house! Dad can just go let her out! How awesome?! Also, baby sitting (when we have kids someday!) will be close by!

We haven't actually made an offer or anything yet...but we are definitely listing all the good things about this house!

The other part of spring break that I am not excited about is homework. Already I feel like I am behind and/or lost! Luckily it is only one class so I can't do too much damage! At least I can sleep in that week :)

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