Special Delivery

The other day Lindsay and I were at the gym and we saw a postcard on the floor. It was a postcard that looked like the picture above (different picture, same words). Lindsay previously posted a picture of this picture on her Facebook, which is a billboard in several spots around Indy. Anyways, I picked up the postcard and thought it would be funny to stuff it into someone's locker for them to find later! Well I was trying to find a locker by me and on the bottom row. All of a sudden I heard a toilet flushed! I was about to be caught! So I stuffed it in the nearest one and went back to talking to Lindsay. I was telling her a story when the mystery person finally emerged from the bathrooms. Suddenly, an OLD lady in her swimsuit waddled over to her locker...THE locker! I was trying to get Lindsay's attention (she was putting her shoes on) without drawing too much attention to me, therefore spilling the beans on myself. Finally Lindsay looked up and saw the old lady open her locker. The postcard was squished at the top because I didn't have time to get it in neatly. She grabbed it and sighed but didn't even look at it! She then went and threw it away.

Lindsay and I were dying. The end.

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