Ha! Tricked you. This is not about sailing as in boats but sailing as in garage sales! My mom has always been an avid garage sale enthusiast. This was passed on to her children. Every summer, the neon signs are hung up and squeaky wheeled turns are made and I know that it is garage sale season! 

Sadly, this summer will be spent finding deals without muzzy. Lindsay will only be here for part of the summer so I guess I must get accustomed to finding the "sails" on my own because Clint has to be in a really good mood to stop for one.

Some of the best memories come from our summer trips! The garage sale special is a big one! There is a neighborhood by mom's old house that always has a block sale. This neighborhood comes out in full force too! I would say at least 75% participate which is awesome! Several years ago we were walking the neighborhood and realized we were getting hungry. All of a sudden we came upon a sale that had a grill out and they were selling a garage sale special! A hot dog, coke, and bag of chips for $2 (or so)! Holy shmokes Batman! Now we are always on the lookout for the G.S.S. It makes the trip worthwile. Over time, we have started to see hot dog selling much more common. The G.S.S. has now morphed into cinnamon rolls at breakfast time...yummy!

I hope to find some one of a kid deals this summer. A couple of my favorite finds:
*my astronaut troll
*dinosaur collection (for indoor recess)
*clothing (in general)
*.10 bag at churches (fill the bag for only a dime...guess you could call it a dime bag)
*exercise equipment (I never buy it...just love to try it out!)

Stuff I don't want to see at a garage sale:
*overpriced crap (it's a garage sale...not a department store!)


  1. Do not forget our other favorite find: a sign that says, 'Not responsible for accidents'!

    You need to check out this blog:

  2. Totally forgot about those signs!

  3. Hehe. At least we can get in some sailing before we move!