Sports Center

I love sports. Clint does not love sports. How can we be married, you ask? Well, it ain't easy!

Just kidding! 

I know it seems weird that I love sports but Clint does not. He doesn't dislike sports; he played football and wrestled in high school. He likes to watch the Colts and go to baseball games. He just doesn't usually want to watch all of the games nor does he usually choose to watch sports. He does like going to hockey games just not too many. I love the show PTI (pardon the Interruption) and Around the Horn. He hates when those shows are on...but he usually lets me watch :)

I love baseball the most! He dislikes baseball the most because it is long and he says it's boring. I disagree but oh well. I love the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.

I think my dad is one reason I love sports so much, although my sisters don't like sports pretty much at all. Dad and I would always watch together. He was also my softball coach almost every year I played from 8 years old to 18.

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