Clint and I are getting excited about our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico! Sunday we decided to get a rental car so that we are more willing to go do stuff as well as not have to worry about how to get anywhere. We were thinking about renting a Wrangler but I wasn't sure what category it would fit into or the fact that we would get one. The only two places that showed them as an option we at least $400 for the week. So we might ask about that when we get there.

Then we decided to book a zipline tour. I have really wanted to go on one of these for a while. I started searching around and narrowed it down to two. One had 7 ziplines and 3 rappels. It had the longest zipline too (over 800 feet!). The other one had only ziplines but it has a few rappels, including one down an 80 foot waterfall! There is also some hiking and other things to make it a full day adventure. Clint really wanted to do the second one, so we booked it! You can check it out here. I can't wait!


  1. Are you going on Adventure #1 on your link? I couldn't tell exactly, but I thought that one was it. Looks fun! You guys will have a blast and maybe Clint will get over his fear of "foreign travel."

  2. I asked him about renting a car and he said "But what if we drive into a bad part of PR?" I said "and what? park and unlock the doors and wait for a bad guy?" sheesh! we would be in a car so we would KEEP DRIVING! duh?!?!

    But, He is totally being brave now! and yes we are doing #1.

  3. LOL. Clint is such a spazzo. Hopefully all goes well and his bravery will be increased.