Cha Cha Change

Chapel Glen has been a "looping" school for a while now. While I say it has been looping, not all teachers have actually participated fully in the looping deal. Some teachers really don't like it while others do. I fall into the 'do' category for the most part. I totally agree with some of the negative aspects of looping: double the resources, double the read alouds, having bad kids/parents for two years, double the curriculum map, etc. But I really liked looping last year!

Anywhoodles...we are no longer going to be looping. Also, many teachers are moving around. I, however, am not! I will stay in first grade although I will be moving classrooms. Currently there are 6 teachers on my team but next year there will be 5 (as of now). At CGE, classes are never set until August! We have so many late enrollees/withdrawls that it's hard to know for certain. 

I decided to move classrooms to be next to Emily. We both teach the cluster kids and it will be easier to move kids between the two rooms. We also chat all the time so now there is less room to walk!

I am currently trying to decide if I want to do a robot or owl theme for my classroom next year (or maybe just even polka dots?). I can't get rid of my jungle carpets or read-aloud chair so they will just have to blend in. What do you think?




  1. Meh. Polka dots would be cooler. Both the owl and robot are blah.

  2. I vote robots (duh!) Too bad I won't be there to help decorate - that's always fun! You should find someone to trade you carpets, and you can always recover the read-aloud chair, just use some fun fabric and a staple gun.