Favorite Teachers

Growing up I had several very good teachers. Almost all of my teachers were at least ok; I really only had a couple I did not like. I admit I didn't make it easy on my teachers. I was always very chatty and on my own little path.

Mrs. Boatman - Kindergarten
Now of course I don't remember much about kindergarten except that it was awesome! I remember sitting on the circle, singing songs that had movements, writing and publishing my own books (Scaredy Cat, My Pets - all classics!)., and the Writing to Read Lab! Great times! I also remember on her birthday her husband came in wearing a gorilla costume and the danced around the room. lol

Mrs. Campbell - 7th Grade Geography
I think Mrs. Campbell started my geography love! She was so fun and wacky - my kind of teacher! I was in the GT class and boy were we a bunch of smart alecks!  She put up with us and had fun too.

Mrs. Gramer - HS Precalculus and Calculus
Not many people really liked Mrs. Gramer but I loved her! precal and calculus were definitely not easy, but she was a really good teacher! She was very good at explaining things and showing all the steps. She also had a good sense of humor - she didn't make jokes but we all did and she laughed along with us.

Prof. Olmer - Physics for Elementary teachers IUB
I took enriched physics in high school and somehow got a C- the first semester. I think Wally took pity on me. So I decided to move to regular physics for the second semester. I was a senior and didn't need no stinkin stress! I got an A in regular but did not enjoy physics. When I was in college, I found out that I had to take physics again! I was seriously worried! Well my teacher, who also worked at Wonderlab in Bloomington, was a total physics geek! Even though I had her in huge lecture with a couple hundred people, I still really liked her. Again, she explained things so well that it wasn't hard! She was totally old school but loved physics so much that it made her job fun probably.

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