Where I Like to Eat

As we all know, I am a plain and picky eater. I can usually eat most places other than very ethnic places because they will most likely have a cheeseburger or some form of chicken. The two things are my safety choices. However, here are a few of my faves:

Denny's - A place that most people don't choose to go. I LOVE their pancakes, bacon, and sausage!! Yummy!

Ponderosa - This one probably makes the top of the list where most people say "Gross!" There aren't very many Ponderosa's around although there is one in Mooresville! I love chicken wings!

Taco Bell - Who doesn't like Taco Bell? I usually get a chili cheese burrito and a plain taco or burrito...sometimes even cinnamon twists! Deeeeelish!

BW3's - Their chili nachos are great and of course the wings are yummy too!

Pizza Hut - I was debating between the Hut and Pizza King and decided that I like Pizza Hut just a tad more. They get the upper edge because PK tends to overcook the pizza every couple times. Pizza Hut is just so yummy and the breadsticks are good too!

Sal's - Another pizza place but a local company! Their pizza is so big and so good! Their bread and breadsticks are scrumptious too. Too bad they're closed on Sundays though.

There are tons of other places I like to eat but now I am hungry!

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  1. Miss "I don't even prefer chain restaurants!" What-evs.