"You Know You Teach First Grade When..."

1.   You can decipher and read all kinds of "inventive spelling."
2. You get more excited than the 200 children in the school supply aisle at Walmart in August.
3. You sharpen no less than 10 pencils a day.
4. You get called mom or grandma at least five times a day, and it's not coming from your own flesh and blood children.
5.  You HATE popsicle day at lunch because none of the kids can open them.
6. You LOVE Dollar Tree!
7. You have truly wanted to be a foster parent for a number of your students that are having a rough time at home.
8. You go to the grocery store for milk and bread but come home with craft supplies for school instead.
9. You are constantly wondering if you have head lice, especially after a student yells, "Mrs. Reed _____ has bugs in her hair!" 
10. You can't wait for summer because you want to start planning for next year.

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