When I worked at Cracker Barrel, I worked with this older lady named Linda. She was hilarious! We had a great friendship but we loved to play tricks on each other! One day she decided to put a nasty red onion slice on my shoulder when I wasn't looking! I walked around and even took orders with that on my shoulder! Little did she know that she started a war!

Onions were so easy to throw on anyone's shoulder because they can't feel them and you can even do it from kind of far away because they will just stick! Well, onions got old so we moved onto putting spoons and straws in the back belt loop of people's pants! That was hilarious! It was also more of a challenge because you had to stand right behind them and try to make sure they didn't feel it.

Finally, my antics caught up to me and I got in trouble by the managers. Not all the managers didn't like it-I had once even got an onion on the GM! The best part? I didn't even DO the trick I got in trouble for. I guess I got it because I was the ring leader!

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