Line Dancing

Several years ago when I worked at Cracker Barrel, the same friend who took me karaoking, told me that she used to line dance at 8 Seconds Saloon. I of course was intrigued! I love to dance and I love country music! Well, she decided to put her boots back on and go dancing! Every Thursday (now Wednesdays) they gave a free (now $3 admission) line dance lesson. We started going every week for quite a while. I learned several dances and even made some old people friends! I got Jessica to go with me and I even introduced Mike and Betsy at 8 Seconds!

I stopped going after about a year because I started teaching at CGE and didn't have the time. Then after several months I started going again. Then I took another break and then started going again with Nicki. Now I haven't been in a few months and I am getting the itch to go again! Winter months is my rest time I guess. 

A few years ago we even went to 8 Seconds for NYE! They had the mechanical bull going which Clint had to do! Amy and George joined us and we had a great time. Amy of course walked in and was like WTH? Like Cloverdale doesn't look like 8 Seconds all the time?!

Time to get my boots ready so I can go boot scootin! Who's with me?

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