Lindsay and I have been giong to the gym daily for a few months now. We started out just doing the treadmill; a combination of running/walking/gossiping. Then we started to do some swimming here and there to change it up. Then I asked her about playing racquetball. LA Fitness has several courts and theya re usually empty in the morning when we go (5:45am). So we set out one day and found some decent racquets at Target for under $15. 

At first we didn't really know much about the sport other than the rules listed on Wikipedia and from watching other people. Lindsay played tennis in school so she had a little bit of the movements down. I've played tennis lots of times with Lindsay or Clint but I have never been formally taught. You kind of just learn what to do and what works the more you play. We definitely aren't pros but we aren't too bad either. Now we usually play racquetball at least once a week. It's a nice change up in our workout routine and gives you a nice calorie burn. Not to mention I like adding to my winning record over Lindsay :)

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  1. I freaking love racquetball. It's pretty much the funnest thing ever. And a killer workout. And I don't even care that you beat my butt about 75% of the time. It's still so fun.