Play Room!

Warning: This post may seem kind of gross but let me reassure you that we did not live in a dirty home nor were we neglected children! Just weirdos!

not ours...but equally messy!

When Hilary and I were younger (maybe 8 or 9) we shared a bedroom and the other bedroom that was ours was just a toy room. Well, like most children we didn't like to clean up our toys. This particular situation must have been when I was around 9 because I think it was after my mom had moved out. We had a cute dog named Dusty when we were growing up. He was part golden retriever part cocker spaniel. He would go through bouts of having fleas. We would get rid of them for a while and then he would get them again. 

Somehow, we started getting fleas in our toy room. We had so many toys, blankets, and stuffed animals in this room, that the fleas must have just stuck to everything in there. As we started to notice more fleas, we started to stay out of the toy room more and more, all while keeping the door closed. We didn't tell dad about the situation, which is why it probably didn't get taken care of right away. Like I said, Hilary and I were quite weird when we were little. 

Whenever we wanted some toys out of the toy room, it was a fight who was going to run in and grab it. It finally got to the point that we had to run in there as fast as possible all while wearing sweats head to toe with soccer socks over the sweat pants so that we didn't get flea bites! Why did we do this?!?!

Finally Dad somehow found out about it and flea-bombed the room (and probably house). Then we had to clean the toy room. Who else went to such great lengths to avoid cleaning?


  1. Bwahahaha. I am dying. I love the "disclaimer" and the whole story. So funny.

  2. BAHAHA I also love the Warning
    I still get itchy thinking about that room lol