Chubby Baby

One of my favorite things to do is look at old family pictures. It brings up so many funny memories not to mention outfits and hairdos! (See previous post!) I thought I would post a few of my favorites:

in California around 1986


in California around 1988

in California with Lindsay...what a fat baby!

in California around 1987

again in California around 1987
"Everyone, look at my fat baby!"

weren't we cute?

lord, how fat can one child be??

aww! cute sisters! wait...why is Hilary upset and Lindsay and I aren't??

more cute sisters!

fun in the pool with Dusty!
Well, that was fun!


  1. But you were so cute! And at least you were fat and then got skinny. I went the other way :(

  2. That top one is one of my favorites. I think I still have those little red clogs somewhere....

  3. My favorite is the one with Hilary crying. Hahah. What a brat. :)