Jurassic Park

After reading Lindsay's post about Jaws this morning, I remembered a movie that my mom took me to that was completely age inappropriate at the time. Not only was it too scary for me in 1993 (3rd grade) but I got to skip school and go see it! Anyways, I remember being so excited to go see this movie with mom all by myself! Then during the movie I realized I was scared out of my mind. For anyone that has seen this movie, the kitchen scene with the two kids and the two velociraptors was suspenseful and completely scary. Because the movie was during the day, mom and I had a row of empty seats. I was so scared that I had to lay down on the seats so I couldn't see. 

Worst movie ever. Although now I really like all three of the Jurassic Park movies.


  1. First of all...GOD you got to skip school ALL THE TIME. What the heck???

    Secondly, so hilarious that you had to lay down on the seats.

  2. I also remember A CERTAIN PERSON who was really mad that we were going to see Toy Story (the original), she was mad because it was a "movie for little kids" and she was clearly wayyy too old for such little kid movies. So she sat there pouting in her seat with her arms crossed and a grumpy look on her face -- which did not last because the movie is hilarious and pretty soon I hear a "heheheeee."

    And I think we only skipped school for movie premieres. Harry Potter, Jurassic Park...anything else I'm missing??

  3. "only"

    I never got to skip school. Geesh.