My Favorite Items of Clothing Growing Up

I actually have several types of clothing that were memorable growing up and I don't mean in a good way!

Wind Suits - I loved to wear matching, bright colored wind suits in around 2nd to 3rd grade. They were usually hot pink and purple with funky designs. I loved the way they sounded when I wore them. 
Heeled "Witch" Boots - Lindsay loves to point out these hideous shoes anytime we see them, which is often because they seem to be making somewhat of a 'comeback'. I however wouldn't be caught dead wearing them EVER again! I would even wear them with the aforementioned wind suits. Why? I was weird.
Stirrup Pants - I don't feel the least bit embarrassed admitting to this fashion statement because who didn't wear them? I do believe that I was the only person who ever went to the ER because of them though. I had a stretched out pair that caused me to trip while carrying laundry. I busted my arm on the doorway and dad thought I could have broken my arm. Alas, I did not. 
 IU Outfit - Again, another ridiculous decision encouraged by my parents. I had IU socks, an IU t-shirt, and IU shorts. I wore the same outfit Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I probably wore it on the weekend too but I was really worried about showing it off at school. Lindsay would always complain to mom that I wore that same stupid outfit, but she would wash it every other night so that her favorite daughter would be happy :) I even had red and white tennis shoes to match!

Model Outifts - Now, these weren't everyday clothes I am taking about. Lindsay and I ran modeling sessions about every other week. Who doesn't like to play fashion show when they are little?? Again,  not embarrassing because everyone does it. Not everyone, however, can pull off the following:

My personal fave is the swimsuit edition. Like the goggles? You know you do!


  1. OMG Srsly dying. Maybe one of the best posts you've ever written. Love love love it.

  2. Truly a great post. Love the comments about your IU clothes -- I think you had IU wrist bands, too. And I can never see your model photos often enough. Too bad we can't tag 'em like on facebook, though -- we had some good comments on those.