Zoe is a pretty decent sized dog. She now weighs 66 pounds (down from 70). Anyways, she has always been a dog that likes to cover up like she is cold. She is part boxer and part beagle, which are both breeds I don't know much about. I do know that she doesn't have a ton of fur. Her belly actually has almost no hair. So that might be why she is cold a lot. If she is sleeping on the couch or her futon, she sometimes will nudge the blankets until she gets herself covered. At night because she is spoiled she gets in bed with us and nudges the blankets. She then sleeps the rest of the night at the foot of the bed under the blankets. Warm as soup!
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  1. Capone's fur is really similar to Zoe's and he loves to snuggle under the blankies too!