Tonight, Clint and I are going to a hockey game at Pepsi Coliseum. Clint and I usually make it to 2-3 games a season and have been talking about getting 1/2 season tickets or a Flex Pack for the last two seasons. For Christmas my aunt Jean bought Clint and I a Flex Pack of tickets to the Ice games. A Flex Pack is 12 $18 tickets that you can use for any game you want. You could potentially use all 12 in one night or use one a night for 12 games. She also pulled some strings to get us a free parking pass :) Double bonus! 

I have been going to hockey games with Jean and Grandma since we moved to Indiana when I was about 5. Jean would pack a ton of snacks (even though we usually bought some snacks too!) and Hilary, my cousin Josh and I would go to the games and have a bunch of fun. Then we would go home to grandma's and stay the night. That thought will lead me to another blog post *coming soon!

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  1. Hehehe. I already know what that blog post is going to be about!

    Go Ice!!!