How to Kill Your Goldfish

When we were little we had a pretty big fish tank and lots of fish. I know of at least two batches of fish that we went through. One batch all died because of "chicken pox". I say chicken pox because they got red spots and then all died. The other batch o' fish died a painful death. 

I decided that the fish were cold (or something) and turned the heater up all the way. When mom came home, they were all floating at the top, boiled to death. I still remember having to flush them down the toilet.


  1. You fed a soon-to-be-deceased batch of fish some m&m's, too -- you were very creative in killing off our fish.

  2. Love this post. I love the sharp bluntness to it. It makes it more tragically hysterical. Good writing. I think you've found your niche. Short and snappy posts.