Five Things in The Freezer

 I found this post on my blog generator and thought I might as well share what is in our freezer now that you know what is in our fridge!

Waffles - Clint eats three waffles with peanut butter and syrup almost every morning. I am talking like 27 out of 31 days! I like waffles but everyday is nonsense!

Soft Pretzels - I love soft  pretzels! I use to think that it was a special treat when you went to a sporting event! Once I found out that you could actually buy them at the grocery store, my life changed.

Pizza - Who doesn't have pizza in the freezer?? Digiorno is my absolute favorite but it is a little pricey which makes it a special treat. It is definitely worth it though. We do however have several other types of pizza: Kroger brand party pizzas, Tombstone, and Jacks. Pretty much only cheese though.

Plastic Ice Cubes - Not a food item, but an important item nonetheless. I hate ice cubes because it waters down your drink. I would rather drink a warm drink than a watered down one. These are the best! All the clear plastic ones are now gone though because people have poured them in the sink because they look real. Then the garbage disposal chews them and swallows them for dinner.

Corn Dogs - How can I forget one of my favorite foods? I have loved corn dogs since I first laid eyes on them. State Fair corn dogs top the list. Mug n Bun corn dogs are also quite delish!

Well, there you have it! The top 5 items in our fridge and freezer. I promise I won't post about my underwear drawer next.

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