There are lots of holidays in a year. One reason I like holidays is because they usually mean a day off work :) Here are my favorite holidays:

 My birthday! Ok...this isn't a holiday but it SHOULD be! Who doesn't like their birthday? When you are little you have birthday parties and lots of presents but now that I am old(er) it is still just as fun to hang out with friends and family!

Memorial Day/Labor Day - You might wonder why I pick these?? These two holidays, while not glamorous or anything (while still valuable!), provide two perfect weekends for camping! They can be great weekends weather-wise (or not!) but another opportunity for friends and family get togethers!  

 Halloween - This was always fun were you were little and got to go trick-or-treating. Then it was fun when you were a little older because you went to parties but still got to dress up. Well, I still like to do that part! I also like when the cute little trick-or-treaters come for candy!
Christmas - Everyone loves Christmas! Family time is always great because that means game nights!! Presents are also always and receiving!

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